Nicole Lavelle

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I create high-impact narrative presentations to communicate your big ideas with clarity.

I help with narrative flow, structure, copy, content, data visualization, and overall visual design. Animation, yes!I work in Keynote, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. I’ll use Adobe software when needed for assets.
Much of the content within these decks is protected under NDA, so in certain cases I’ve shared a few sample slides for look-and-feel, removing sensitive information.

21st Century Design Skills

A mainstage presentation for Dropbox Design Researcher Jennifer Brook. 

Given at the Awwwards conference.


Rethinking Baggage

A project pitch for a partnership between IDEO and a major North American airport, to rethink baggage systems—for the traveler and the airport worker.



Leadership for the Future

A 150-slide deck to capture a research team’s months-long deep-dive into the changing leadership demographics of a multinational business conglomerate whose offerings include petrochemicals, auto components, and refrigerated foods.



What is Design Research?

An informative presentation used during onboarding new Product Designers, to bring more visibility to the Research team.

OpenIDEO Chapters

I created copy and illustrations to liven up an informative presentation for OpenIDEO Chapters, an international network of design-thinkers. I passed these to the team who used them with their existing introductory presentation. 


Series B Pitch Deck

I helped an satellite start-up creat a successful pitch deck to solicit $35M from investors. They did it!


20-Year Vision

An internal visioning deck for a software company providing access to social services.

Critical Conversations Kit

A templated, slide-based toolkit for a communications and creative consultant, to be customized for each of their unique clients.

For Group Work Consulting

Yes, And?

Slides for a talk about the power of facilitation within design research by two Dropbox Staff Researchers.

Given at the SmashingConf, for front-end and UX researchers. Participatory and celebratory, using existing illustrations from the Dropbox Brand Studio.