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21st Century Design Skills

Design practitioner Jennifer Brook (former Staff Researcher at Dropbox) is one of the most brilliant, generous thinkers I know. I was honored to work with Brook on the visual component of this talk at the AWWWARDS conference.

Brook wanted a presentation that was poetic, emotional, and impactful up on that huge stage. We decided we couldn’t just use bullet points and stock imagery for a screen that is 50 feet tall!

The talk presents co-creative research methods in an engaging show-don’t-tell strategy via audience participation. It asks big questions about the future of work, and wonders what strategies we might use to approach tomorrow’s weirdest work challenges.

There’s no *perfect* way to show slides like these, but here are a few pieces that will help you grok the vibe.
There are some great video and animation moments in this presentation!

Read more of Jennifer Brook’s ideas about the future of work, on the Dropbox.Design blog.  

The transitions are imperfect, and things are a little blurry, but you can see the *very fun* animations and videos in this version.