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Let’s Hear It

Let’s Hear It is a community call-in segment on KWMR, West Marin Community Radio.

It’s nestled into Jeff Manson’s morning show, Curio Cabinet, tagline “a little bit of a lot of things.” 

It’s a sometimes-regular, sometimes-casual segment (meaning: not every single week), that provides a really potent opportunity to hear many takes on a single prompt. Often we’re sitting there with our coffee in the radio booth, tears in our eyes and big sighs for the folks who have called in to wax poetic on often mundane topics. It emerged in 2021, mid-pandemic, when we all missed hanging out, and hearing a friend’s voice was the sweetest thing.

You can tune in, Wednesday mornings at 8am. Streaming live at, or turn your West Marin dial: 89.9 Bolinas, 92.3 San Geronimo Valley, and 90.5 Point Reyes Station.

Archives from the last two weeks are here.
Older archives (incomplete but growing!) are here at

Theme song by the one and only Alex Bleeker :)