Hello! I’m Nicole Lavelle and I’m an artist, designer, and writer working on social, cultural, and community projects. 

I’m available for new clients and projects! My books are open for June, July, and September, 2023. Learn more here.

︎ nicolelavelle@gmail.com

I approach design holistically, engaging creative strategy, research, co-creation, and visual design. I believe design is a social practice.

I help translate and visualize complexity, bringing curiosity and compassion to the research and design process. I create narrative artifacts for engagement, tools for co-creation, and platforms for participation. 

I contribute to interdisciplinary teams at design-thinking consultancies solving complex, human-centered problems. I work with brand and research teams at technology companies. I work with environmental organizations, and arts and culture institutions.

I have a background in socially engaged art, design education, and small press publishing.

Learn more about my design work here ︎︎︎ 

In my art and writing practice, I am thinking about place, identity, community, and inclusion. I prioritize co-creation and participation in an effort to create opportunities for meaningful connection and collective experience.

Learn more about my art work here ︎︎︎
I’m available for projects starting in May 2023.

I’m interested in full- or part-time project-based work, remote or hybrid (Bay Area).

I want to work with...

...service designers on projects for healthcare, climate action, transportation, and government.

...organizations creating workshops and toolkits for engagement.

...futurists, public art projects, natty winemakers, weird archives, young farmers, radical scholars...and perhaps you? Be in touch!

Here’s my detailed professional resume ︎︎︎

Here’s my artist’s CV ︎︎︎

Design Case Studies Available Upon Request

 🔒️ Biotech Client, Corporate Culture Workshop
🔒️ Technology Client, Creative Strategy for the Future of Work
🔒️ Technology Client, Virtual First Journey Maps

Clients + Collaborators







Astranis Space Technologies


The Social Media Governance Initiative at The Justice Collaboratory, Yale Law School
The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

The Bolinas Museum

Headlands Center for the Arts

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Southern Exposure

Intersection for the Arts

For Freedoms

Creature Learning

Social Print Studio
Handley Cellars

Point Reyes Books

California College of the Arts, Community Arts

Portland State University, School of Art+Design

University of San Francisco, Department of Environmental Studies

Smithereen Farm



Flower Press
Contributing artist

Hi-Viz Agency
Contributing designer


Monica Odom, Odom Media Management
Literary agent


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, on unceded Coast Miwok and Karkin Ohlone land.