Hello! I’m Nicole Lavelle and I’m an artist, designer, and writer working on social, cultural, and community projects. 

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Design Projects ︎︎︎ Visualizing Design Research

Visualizing Design Research

I’ve worked with researchers for many years, including User Researchers (UX), Service Designers, scholars, and consumer researchers. I work with interdisciplinary teams to translate their complex findings into artifacts and experiences that inform, delight, and engage. I love this work so much!

This work is internal / NDA, but I have Case Studies available upon request!

Ongoing Roles

As the dedicated designer for the Design Research team at Dropbox for four years, I had two roles:

I helped 30+ user researchers socialize their findings with internal product teams. I created user journeys, illustrated research reports, archetype card decks, slide decks, and museum-style installations. I contributed as a thought partner, developing frameworks, metaphors, and copy.

I designed tools for co-creative research, which engages users in collaborative ideation. I helped build a rolling tool library for IRL workshops: worksheets, templates, reference library, and fun, unexpected materials for narrative exercises.

I contribute to project teams at IDEO as a communications designer. In each project, we use a human-centered design approach to create a final outcome for a variety of clients, industries, and contexts.

Visualizing Complexity for Product Teams

I worked with the Director of Research at Figma to create a series of complex maps for internal product teams. We articulated user workflows and collaboration processes across the company’s different offerings, to help teams build better.

I worked with the Director of Culture at findhelp.org to help executive leadership articulate and then socialize the organization’s mission, vision, and values. I created participatory workshop tools, complex information graphics, and a suite of visual deliverables to unite teams across the organization.

For Compass, a platform for real estate professionals, I templatized the research team’s reporting process, helping them create a browsable library of findings for internal product teams.
Select  projects

For a biotech client, an engaging workshop to introduce 2000 employees to a new set of company culture tenets. We created a lively, social experience rooted in a sense of play and personalization, to help employees adopt company values into their everyday work.
🔒 Case study available upon request

For an education client, a set of tools and kits for teachers to identify collaboration in the classroom as a marker of student success. We created set of activities (with card decks and extremely cute stickers) to help teachers quantifiably track collaboration without the burden of extra reporting.

For a credit-union client, a toolkit to bring human-centered design into the workplace. We created a downloadable tool to help employees solve problems creatively, by engaging members, leaning into collaboration and culture, and innovating with their teams.

For a non-profit communications infrastructure client, a comprehensive playbook to improve the customer service experience. We created a library of research documentation (insights, interview highlights) and action-oriented resources (mock customer service scripts, five-year personnel plan) to guide the organization to success.


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, on unceded Coast Miwok and Karkin Ohlone land.