Hello! I’m Nicole Lavelle and I’m an artist and designer working on social, cultural, and community projects. 

I’m available for new clients and projects starting April 2023. Learn more here.

︎ nicolelavelle@gmail.com

Design projects ︎︎︎ Dropbox Culture Kits

Dropbox’s Creative Culture Kits

The Creative Culture Kits are a set of resources for the design community. I was a core contributor to the team that brought the kits to life.

I collaborated with researchers and writers to translate their ideas into open-source downloads. I spearheaded iterative prototyping, fine-tuning content, flow, and determining format. At the very end, I passed kits to the Brand team to bring the visual design into cohesion with Dropbox’s brand guidelines.

“Our Culture Kits are free, adaptable, and made for anyone who wants to make work better. We’re sharing our tools to empower and equip you to shape your own work culture.”

Read more about Culture Kits here.

Skills: learning design, prototyping, visual design, toolkit design, research and development

Personal Voice Workbook
For introspection, exploration, and finding your voice.

I helped transform writer LaDonna Witmer’s existing workshop and essay into a self-directed workbook, establishing sequencing and translating IRL exercises into solo activies. I authored the “imagine yourself as a fruit” exercise. My challenge was to dream up a simple yet creative identity-based exercise for people to do on their own, to stand in for the group collage-making session that takes place during the IRL workshop.

Download here! Read an article about the kit here.

Published April 30, 2019. Core collaborator: LaDonna Witmer. Contributors: LaDonna Witmer, Michelle Morrison, Nicole Lavelle, Kelly Galeano Arce, Anya Widyawati, Erica Lopez, John Mikulenka, and Jennifer Brook. Artwork by Calvin Rocchio, Lexi Visco, and Gabrielle Matte.

Diversity and Inclusion Tookit
For taking steps towards more diverse and inclusive culture at work and beyond.

I was tasked with translating a half-day Zoom workshop into a toolkit that could function at any scale. It was important to me that we create a tool that could be useful for individuals and teams, and also help people push for holistic change within their organizations. I designed the flow of this toolkit, creating sections Solo, Team, Onward. I authored the “Intersectionality Self-Map” exercise, which I adapted from an exercise I use when I teach. I contributed the majority of the copywriting, including the introduction, exercises, and facilitator’s guide.

Download here! Read an article about the kit here.
Published April 25, 2021. Core collaborators: Roxanna Aliaga and Deepa Iyer. Contributors: Roxanna Aliaga, Nicole Lavelle, Deepa Iyer, Rita Troyer, Alice Katter, John Mikulenka, Michelle Morrison, Wes O'Haire, Alastair Simpson, Danny Guillory, Jennifer Brook, and Shivani Soni. Artwork by Sarah Chon.

Team Values Toolkit
For teams to align and establish common values.

The first Creative Culture Kit, to kick off the series dreamed up by Jennifer Brook. Designed to help teams come together—by telling stories, thinking like animals, and making agreements. Contains a cut-out card set and template to craft a team accord. We distributed multiple prototypes to internal teams for testing and feedback, and debuted the kit in a participatory workshop at the Build Peace conference in Bogotá, Columbia.

Download here.

Published April 22, 2019. Core collaborator: Jennifer Brook. Contributors: Jennifer Brook, Julie Hawk, Michelle Morrison, Nicole Lavelle, Amy Berkowitz, Andrea Drugay, Kelly Galeano Arce, Olivia Luo, and Beauty Nazzaro. Artwork by: Justin Tran, Gabrielle Matte, Ryan Wilson, Calvin Rocchio, and Rita Troyer.


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, on unceded Coast Miwok and Karkin Ohlone land.