Hello! I’m Nicole Lavelle and I’m an artist and designer working on social, cultural, and community projects. 

I’m available for new clients and projects starting April 2023. Learn more here.

︎ nicolelavelle@gmail.com

As a designer, I contribute to interdisciplinary teams solving complex, user-centered problems.

I’m passionate about translating complexity into engaging narrative artifacts that inform, delight, and clarify.

I approach design holistically, contributing creative strategy, research, co-creation, and visual design. I bring curiosity and compassion to the practice.

I believe design is a social practice.
Case studies available upon request

🔒 Dropbox
Future of Work Creative Strategy

🔒 Dropbox
Decentralized Teams Journey Maps

🔒 Biotech Client
Company Culture Workshop


I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, on unceded Coast Miwok and Karkin Ohlone land.